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Affiliates, this is a very easy to convert product.  Only because we all as human beings are looking for an edge, looking for answers and looking for a way to take our failures and turn them into successes.  Which is what this powerful package does.  It teaches the most powerful and hidden secrets of the inner world through the use of dreams.  This is a course of empowerment that most people will love.

Affiliates, sign up to Clickbank, its is free.

1.) After creating your affiliate id
2.) Create a unique affiliate url with Vendor id     nusklf9 
3.) Do so by entering your affiliate id  plus vendor id - in the Clickbank Hop Link generator         then hit submit

4.) copy the ssl hoplink -  This is your personal URL leading to the sales page.  It is this unique link which will track your personal sales.

5.) This unique link could be added inside your newsletters, on your blog or to also link your banner ads from your blog to the sales page in order to track your orders.

Your Unique Affiliate link should look something like this 

The Id associated with this product is         nusklf9

Affiliates get 50% commission on both the initial sales of $57.00 as well as the monthly recurring fee of $29.00 for 5 months after Clickbank has taken their 7% + $1.00 on the initial sales price.

What this means to you is an on going monthly payment for the effort of one sale.  Once the sale has been initiated you have nothing else to do as the re-bill happens automatically.   Its a win, win for you.  In total you get 6 payments for the effort of one sale.


Affiliate Potential Sales 

$57.00 + 5($29.00) 50% initial sales followed by 50% monthly sales

after ClickBank 7% +$1.00 applied fees


Initial sales                       + (potential monthly sales)
26.00 x 100 sales = 2,600.00 + 1,450.00

26.00 x 150 sales = 3,900.00 + 2,175.00

26.00 x 500 sales = 13,000.00 + 7,250.00

26.00 x 1,000 sales = 26,000.00 + 14,500.00

Affiliates Build Your List With This Amazing Free Gift Offer

Your list will love listening to this empowering audio.  If you are in the self improvement niche, there aren't too many people who wont appreciate listening to this free offer.

Building your list is key to successful marketing of any product and you need a good offer to give to your providers.   Here it is,  How_To_Use_Psychic_Dreams 


Right click and download the file to a location where you can unzip it and listen to the audio.  You may also use the image on the right, which is associated with the amazing audio.

Create your own sign up form add your newsletter provider and include image and files for potential customers.

7 Day Newsletter emails

Every good marketer knows that the follow up after a free offer is crucial.  The right heading, the right words are not always easy to formulate.  This is why we have created a package that you may send to your list to follow up the free offer.

Psychic Dreams Affiliate Newsletters Click Here to download zip files with doc files.


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