Develop Your Psychic Abilities Fast
Get Clear Vivid Answers All While You Sleep

Dear Psychic Dreamer,

You are about to embark upon one of the most exciting journeys into the realm of unlimited psychic power, where your full potential is just a few simple steps away.

Every night the average person spends between six to eight hours asleep. That averages between 42 to 56 hours a week. 1,260 to 1, 680 hours a month. Imagine that! Over a thousand hours of your time is spent in an unconscious sleep state. Hours that can never be recovered again.

However what you may not know is that those restful hours of sleep are the most conducive hours for accessing psychic information. It is also the time and space where anyone with even a very limited amount of psychic abilities can access stunningly accurate information. It is also the time and space in which you can dramatically excel in the development of your psychic abilities.

How many times have you had the urge to visit a psychic to get answers and direction for your life? I think everyone has at some point. Every single one of us has the curiosity to know the turn of events facing our lives. Like everyone else you may want to know the following…

  • What does the future predict for you in the next five years
  • How can you significantly improve any difficult part of your life
  • Is the partner you are presently with the right partner for you
  • How to improve your financial situation and attract more money
  • Know the truth of what someone is doing behind your back
  • Worried about making a decision and not sure which choice move is the best
  • How to influence anyone to your ideas or to give you what you want
  • Find a long lost friend or any missing item
  • Need to experience a Miraculous healing and unsure of which healing method is best

There is no issue which you are presently facing which cannot be answered
using Psychic Dreaming Techniques

One man who attended a psychic dreaming workshop decided to use the techniques to locate his daughter whom he had not seen for several years. After his ex-wife remarried and moved away with his only daughter, his life fell into such shambles that he did nothing to maintain a connection with the two of them. Now that he had healed and was ready to reconnect he had no knowledge of their whereabouts. Using psychic dreaming techniques he was able to apply the Dream Telepathy technique. Within three days a good friend of his contacted him to say that his ex-wife had been trying to find him, through yet another mutual friend.

Was this a coincidence? Not at all! After finally connecting with his ex-wife she shared a story of having a very vivid dream in which she sees him asking her to contact him. The dream was so strong she thought that something was wrong with him. This prompted her to do everything she could to contact him. Not knowing his whereabouts she finally decided to do a search for one of his friends who would put her in touch with him.

Why Psychic Dreaming is So Powerful and Effective
Compared to Other Forms of Psychic Development?

If you have ever tried to develop your psychic abilities in the pass you may have realized that there is a lot of mental training involved. Chanting for hours, mental concentration exercises, deep breathing exercises and chakra activation techniques. It also requires an ability to hold a clear mind long enough to receive psychic visions and telepathic communication. Can you hold a single concentrated thought for thirty minutes? All of this does not come easy for most people. It can take you many years of training all without much results.

The process can truly take a while and the longer it takes the less convince you will be about your natural psychic abilities.

The problem is not that these techniques aren’t effective, they actually are but they are certainly not the fastest route. As a matter of fact psychic dreaming is the speedy way through all those techniques.

The average person has very little time in their day to devote to long meditation sessions. And when they do settle in, their mind is wired with constant thoughts and worries of what has happened throughout the day. It’s nearly impossible to develop your psychic abilities with such issues.

Another issue too many people face is their inability to visualize which is a crucial, key component to psychic development. How can you receive psychic impressions if you are unable to see visions on the inner screen of your mind?

And, yet another issue is the trust factor. As you are in the developmental part of psychic training it can be hard to trust those hunches or random visions.

If you are facing a very pressing issue in your life, you don't have time to deal with a hunch. You want to know and you want to be sure of what you know.

Rightfully you want clear, accurate answers. You want to know, see, feel and believe that what you are getting is a true answer to the questions you have. With psychic dreaming you wake up to a full, clear movie life experience of what you want to know.

Let’s take a deeper look at how it all works.

Why Does Psychic Dreaming Work so Well…

  • It's very easy! The biggest key is to know. It is the biggest, free tool to guide us and we have access to it everyday. Ingenious people know this and use it.
  • While at sleep all the obstructions of the physical body are at rest, there is no interference from your conscious mind.
  • You have the ability to experience a full, clear, movie like quality to all your answers. That kind of first hand detail can never be compared to having a psychic give you some vague information.
  • Activating your psychic body only takes a few simple techniques to experience amazing accuracy, unlike studying for years. Anyone can do this!!!
  • You can explore unlimited possibilities with full details. There is nothing you cannot get answers on once you access that gateway to the psychic dream realm.
  • No one can hide who they really are once you access and connect to them using dream telepathy. There simply are no secrets in the dream realm.
  • You can simply take a quick nap and access the dream realm at anytime. Your own personal psychic is available to you whenever you want. 24hours a day 7days a week and above all its Free. Once you know the techniques!

Introducing Secrets of: Psychic Dreaming by Anthony Watts

Digital download Immediate access

You are about to experience stunning insight on an impressive aspect of yourself. That aspect is the awareness of your Dream Body. It is that aspect of yourself not bound by limitations, forgetfulness, or limited awareness. Instead it is unlimited, all knowing, with an ability to travel through space and time to access any information you need.

The moment you become aware of and activate your dream body your psychic abilities will expand to new levels of awareness, and new horizons will present themselves to you. This activation and awareness is crucial to experiencing clear, vivid, detailed dream experiences. It is the key to unlocking an unlimited gateway into the psychic realm.

Enter & Influence The Dreams of Others

Not only can you access unlimited information but you also gain the ability to influence what someone dreams. Have you ever had the desire to tell or show someone something but did not know how to? Did you ever wish to sway someone to your way of thinking or present an idea to them with out the struggle of actually talking to them? Maybe you want to communicate an idea to someone you are not on speaking terms with.

Whatever the case maybe you have the ability to influence the dreams of others. It's by far one of the most powerful techniques within this course.

Every technique within this course is designed to build more power over your life as well as your interaction with others.

What You Get With This Course...
The full Course + Audio Version + Workbook

Dream Body – Stunning insights of the dream body. Discover the difference between your physical body and the unlimited aspect of your psychic dream body. Learn the secret link necessary to access the psychic realm using the capabilities of your dream body.

The Awakening – Discover why not awakening your dream body will limit your psychic development. Also learn what steps need to be taken for extreme psychic exploration, whether you are gathering information about someone or seeking higher knowledge.

Dream Recall – Learn the most important steps to remembering the details of your dream. Discover what most people do which make it impossible to remember their dreams at night and what you can now to recall, clear, vivid movie like psychic dreams.

Dream Interpretation – Fragmented, abstract dream scenes are all too common and often such dreams are dismissed as having no meaning. However you will learn a step by step process which will decode the meaning of any dream.

9 Dream Types – A dream is not just a dream. There are 9 most common dream types. Learn to identify what they are. Understand and decode your dreams by the numbers. Get the truth on which categories your dream falls under.

Psychic Dream Programs – This is where the real magic happens. Your ability to program your dreams to reveal whatever you want paves the way for your dream body. There is one vitally important never to be omitted step in this powerful technique.

Prophetic or Precognitive Dreams – Do you want to get access to future events? Whether the future event is six day away or six months away you can access the event within the psychic realm. Learn why this technique is the only technique you need to reveal probable future events. Also discover what you should absolutely do to change an outcome that you don’t want.

How to Enter and Influence the Dreams of Others – The power to influence others using psychic dreaming is a tremendously effective tool. However its important to know when to use it and what you should never do with this extraordinarily powerful secret method.

Increase Your Psychic Powers – There is one key ingredient you absolutely cannot omit from your study of psychic development. This is the key to increased psychic advancement and unlimited mental power.

Are You Ready to Develop Your Psychic Dreaming Ability?

We learn more Quickly through repetition.  The key to master anything is to engage it over and over in quick succession over a short period of time.

Also, when you absorb information at a deeper level, not only does the mind begin to make sense of it, the mind beings to expand on it.  More and more meaningful information will automatically come to you, to expand your psychic awareness.

One of the benefits of this program, is that you are able to take the audio with you and listen as many times as you need.  Listening alone with bring about a shift in your awareness and many have claimed to have vivid dreams the very first night after listening to it.

Join Our Membership for $57 + $29 (5mo)

Join our membership and get the Psychic Dreaming ebook plus the audio version, along with the Psychic Dreaming Workbook.  Get started on applying the right techniques to help you achieve what it is you want.  The workbook is a detailed step by step guide to help you experience results that you can see.  That's not all...

Bonuses -  You also get 4 added bonuses which you will love because they will enhance your learning and psychic development.

Digital download Immediate access

  • Mega Memory - How to Sharpen Your Short Term Memory - MP3

    There are a few crucial techniques to psychic dreaming and number one key to your ability is having a sharp memory of what you have experienced. Sharpening your memory while awake translates over to the dreaming state, allowing for enhanced dream recall. This Audio is packed with hours of tips and processes to help you increase your memory. This course alone is a tremendous value.

  • 8 Natural Sleep Remedies - eBook

    Optimal sleep states benefit your mental health. Yet so few people practice good sleeping habits. This report will steer you to natural remedies that will make you sleep deeply. But, more so increase your sleep cycles which will increase your ability to practice and benefit from the psychic dreaming techniques.

  • Lucid Dreaming For Healing

    Take your dreaming to another level. Learn how to become lucid during your dreams. Imagine being aware that you are dreaming! Your ability to control your dreams can help you control ares of your life where you may struggle to get control. Also learn how to use lucid dreaming to help you heal disease within the body. All forms of healing can be tacked during the lucid dreaming state.

  • Meditation (binaural beats for deep meditation) – mp3 Audios

    This one hour long theta meditation is designed to take you into a deep theta state of mind. It can take you at least 20-30 minutes to get the mind into a deep centered state. And, most of these states are never reached by the average individual. They often require a good deal of practice with meditation. However this binaural audio is designed to rapidly induce that deep centered, clam state for relaxed deep meditation.

You get all of this for the first payment of $57 with 5 subsequent monthly payments of $29.00

For the next 5 months you will receive a new guided program.  Each program is designed to help you develop a new psychic ability using a combination of powerful techniques.  It takes approximately 30 days for the mind to fully assimilate a new skill.  Each month you get to learn through the accompanying eBook along with several techniques.  What you will find is rapid learning and development using these programs.


Monthly Digital Downloads

Awaken Your Psychic Dream Body

Experience the phenomenal power and unlimited presence of your psychic dream body.  Imagine putting on an invisible space suite that can take you anywhere in the world to acquire information on anything.  Activating your dream body works like that.

What do you want to see, where do you want to go?  Imagine being able to program your dream body to take you into your lovers home where you can wake up with detailed information about what you saw.  Are you doubtful about visiting a particular place?  Activate your dream body to take you there.  The possibilities are endless!

As you awaken and activate your dream body all sorts of wonderful things will begin to happen and new insights and creativity will flood your mind.

Psychic Dream Recall

Program your mind for this 30 day period to remember details, sights, sounds and as much dream information.  Imagine programming your dreams to help you solve a very pressing matter.  In the morning you awake with a rich detailed dream experience that is so full of the right guidance that you are not confused about dream symbols or anything of the sort.

Instead your dreams begin to feel like another life, where all the right choices are presented to you to take back to this experience and lucky for you, you can remember all the details which gives you an edge on life.

Dream Interpretation

Decode the meaning of any dream symbol.  Discover the hidden language of the psychic realm.  You will also learn the hidden connection between your dream symbols and what is actually going on in your personal life.  The secret to interpreting not only your dreams but the dreams of others as well.  How to rely on your own dream dictionary and not that of anyone else’s.

As you go deep in this 30 day program and techniques you will also learn to decode the symbols and happenings in your everyday life.  What you will realize is how everything is linked and why.

Enhanced Psychic Perception

Everything so far has enhanced your finer psychic antennas.  You are now ready to own it and move even deeper.  Learn how to read the thought frequencies of others. The four stages that the mind uses to get a reading, and the step by step process on how to get psychic information naturally, with confidence.

Also learn the secret of how to radically enhance your psychic perception.  Its the key secret behind every technique and why you absolutely need to put it in to practice immediately to make a long lasting shift.

Go from almost getting it, getting it sometimes to becoming it. The key to becoming a psychic powerhouse.

Mental Telepathy

Have you ever had the desire to tell someone something?  Maybe a lover, a future employer, an angry friend etc.  What every and whom ever it is, you are just not able to verbalize what you want to tell them.  Telepathy is real!  learn how thoughts travel, what makes them move faster and how they interact with the person whom you have sent them to.

Program your mind to become better and sending and receiving telepathic thoughts and communication from other.  Also, discover how to use it through dream work and while awake.


get access now
$57 + 5 monthy payments of $29.00

You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain. If after purchasing the psychic dreaming program you have discovered it is not for you, then you have a 30 days, no questions asked refund.  Also if after receiving the Psychic dreaming bundle you decide that you no longer want to go further with the monthly programs you can cancel your membership at anytime.

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